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26 March
I'm a former stay at home mother to one child and currently working...but hopefully not for long. I love my job, but my real career is meant to be at home raising children. I look forward to getting back to that one day.

I love the great outdoors, art, reading, the occasional movie here and there, and sometimes politics.

I grew up in lovely Connecticut, but I've hated it basically my entire life (except for the nature there, which is beautiful). I now live in Florida, and I love it here. The only thing I miss about Up North is autumn. Unless the world suddenly flips over, I probably never will move back to New England. I don't fit in up there.

I love jewelry and shiny things, but I rarely wear them for a variety of reasons. I also love hats and shoes, and I don't have enough of either. I prefer to wear dresses or skirts, although I only have a few. For me, if a person can see my knees, my hem is too short.

I love bubble baths and painting my nails. The bane of my life is not having a good book to read while in the bath. I will read about pretty much anything, even if I disagree with the subject. The best way to know your enemy, and so on and so forth...

I love sweaters and hate to be cold. I can get cold if a warm breeze blows on me, so Florida is a good place for me. In fact, at the time I originally wrote this, it was a balmy 55 °F out, and my fingers were frozen.

I love to cook, especially baking sweet things. I'm pro at homemade french fries, and I recently found a new recipe I want to try. I love to cook for people that appreciate me, and the effort I went through to make something. Those that don't are on their own.

I am opinionated. I usually blog about my opinions. Lately, however, the computer hasn't been cooperating, and I miss the blog. This format, I hope, will be an outlet similar to that for me.

I used to think I was liberal-minded...but that was until I realized most of it is socialist, huggy-huggy, "let's just all get along" crap.

I could be defined as conservative in values now. The reason for this change is because I have-- now that I'm older and wiser-- come to the realization that you cannot change absolute.

Truth is truth, whether you like it or not.

I believe traditional family roles are the best and only way to go, especially when there are children involved. I think feminism, as in "man-hating harpy bitches who think the only place for a man is when his balls are crushed in her hand", is also utter crap. I personally love suffrage, but I hate what the "feminist movement" has done to our nation, our families, and our children.

I refuse to emasculate my man, and I appreciate that he doesn't try to make me be a man-hating harpy bitch and instead lets me be a lovely, feminine woman...with all that this loaded phrase implies.

I am a submissive and surrendered wife, and I love my man and everything about him. He is not perfect, but he is perfect FOR ME and TO ME.

I get hugely emotional, weepy, and out of control sometimes. I usually hate myself around then.

I am extremely sensitive, and even an implied criticism or feeling as though I've disappointed my loved ones is crushing to me. I need to work on not worrying endlessly about every little thing.

Like they say, "Let go and let God."

I believe most everyone has value (except for maybe sociopaths, child abusers, and serial killers), and that God loves you even if you don't love him back. Spirituality is very important to me. Being a good person is, too, not just paying lip service to it.

I am a Christian Deist; I have run the gamut of religions and eventually realized I don't NEED religion, because everything I ever wanted to know about God, Life, The Universe, and Everything, is right there before my eyes.

I believe in Jesus and the message that he came here to tell us: LOVE ONE ANOTHER. If you're doing anything else, you're doing it wrong.

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